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The Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research has a number of inclusive, collaborative research and interest groups in core sectors with the aim of stimulating dialogue and generating quality, relevant research. These clusters and interest groups are the nexus for research, policy and practice and provide leadership and the latest thinking on key occupational health and safety issues.

The centre has expertise in a range of areas from OHS in the small- and medium-size business sector to risk factors in the fishing and forestry industries. It is the leading research institution in work-related gradual process disorders, OHS of older, young and vulnerable workers, OHS and productivity outcomes, workers’ compensation and rehabilitation and OHS in culturally diverse and small workplaces.  It has demonstrated this leadership role in terms of initiating research agendas, hosting conferences and symposia, and an extensive publication record.  The core purpose here is to turn research into reality.

Research themes

The centre has developed a number of research projects around the following central themes:

  • The OHS and the changing nature of work
  • OHS and changing workforce demographics
  • How to redesign for resilience in our tough sectors
  • Future resilience in small and medium sized enterprises in New Zealand.
  • New forms of worker participation in OHS.

Research projects

These are a sample of our research outputs:

  • Productivity
  • Changing Nature of Work & Changing demographics
  • Human Factors & Ergonomics
  • SMEs
  • Vulnerable workers
  • Training & Development
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Psycho-social Stress & Fatigue
  • Regulations
  • Aged Workers
  • Emergency management
  • Resilience


The Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research is dedicated to providing and sharing resources and information.

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