Call for Abstracts, Papers and Streams

Person taking notes At all our conferences we have sought to widen the debate and welcome contributions from all relevant disciplines, including law, employment relations, sociology, economics and occupational health and safety. We also welcome contributions not only from experienced academics and practitioners but also new researchers and post-graduate students.  We suggest a number of themes but they are not intended to exclude papers on other related topics.  There will also be opportunities to publish a special issue in Labour and Industry (see based on the conference papers.

Possible research themes to be explored in this Conference include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Levels of vulnerability: what are the social, health and economic issues and responses related to vulnerable workers, their families and communities?
  • New and re-emerging employment arrangements: emerging and re-emerging employment arrangements, such as dependent and zero-hour contracts, etc. are likely to increase workers vulnerability but what are the short-, medium- and long-term implications, such as occupational health and safety, related to such employment arrangements?
  • Increasing vulnerability in the workplace: who are the groups most likely to be vulnerable? And what is the future role of trade unions in protecting such vulnerable workers and the role of whistle blowers in exposing abuses in the workplace?
  • The marginalisation of vulnerable workers: how does precarious employment and diversity intersect and what effective measures can be adopted to combat the marginalisation and discrimination of vulnerable workers in order to increase their levels of engagement and participation in the workplace and in the community?
  • Occupational Health and Safety: what measures are needed to protect the health and safety of vulnerable workers and what are the barriers to implementing such measures?
  • Climate change: how does the changing environment affect the nature of working and workers, particular the need for sustainable energy sources and the development of the green economy: what happens to workers employed in unstainable industries and what thought is given to workers caught up in natural or environmental disasters?

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